Sunday, 31 October 2010

New Skillz

I have been reading online for quite some time about Freezer Paper Stencilling, and have been dying to try it ... I bought t-shirts and freezer paper back in September but haven't had a chance to have a go at it -- until today.

It is a lot of fun, and much easier than I thought. I made a shirt for someone I work with (he loves the movie "Run Fatboy Run", and has said for the past year or so that he'd love to have the main character's T-shirt - so I made him one).
It was my first crack at freezer paper stencilling, so not perfect by any stretch of the imagination! I learned a lot doing it though; number one learning was white and yellow text on a dark t-shirt = many, many, many .... many coats! (I stopped counting at 5, and more or less poured it on after the first 4 coats! I think that is why I have some bleeding of the paint) (clickedy the picture to embiggen). I'll gift it to him tomorrow at work (I am trying to work past being a perfectionist - it is the thought that counts - and I figure that the flaws aren't really big, coupled with the fact that I highly doubt I will ever do another stencilling project with that many letters in it again - what a PITA to cut them all out).

** Took it to work this morning, and he really liked it :) Yay!

When I finished, I was going to throw out the freezer paper letters I cut out for the shirt, then started playing around with them, thinking that I'd make a shirt for my husband T. And after a bit of fiddling around (I love word games)came up with something for my tractor lovin' man :)

He really likes it - and is quite impressed with my new mad skillz!

I on the other hand, am more impressed with the cost of his little "gift" ....


Marti said...

Cool stenciling projects :) If you ever do find that you'd like to try another one, let me know and you can use my Cricut machine to do all the cutting for you. I only have one kind of font though.

Steph said...

Ba ha ha ha ha! I love the movie - and the shirt is awesome! Your coworker is going to LOVE it.

One thing I do when stencilling is iron a second piece of freezer paper on the inside of the shirt to help with the bleeding and to stabilize the surface.

Donna M said...

I think the shirts look Great! You are just soooo talented!

Anonymous said...

Thanks girls!