Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A quickie at lunchtime

got your attention eh? Get yer mind outta the gutter - this is just a fast post while I am home for lunch -- alone.

Finished these this week (finally! They'd have been done sooner, but I threw a monkey wrench into the works by knitting two pairs of Easy Peasy fingerless mitts in the middle of knitting them, thus abandoning the socks for days and days).

T mentioned a while back that he needs warm socks for work to wear in his work boots. So I knit him a brown pair which he loved ... then I cast on for these. Cast on 48, knit a 2x2 rib for 34 rows, then switched to knit every row to the heel (for about 30 rows). The heel is worked over 24 stitches in red. The yarn still makes my hands hurt (and there are no bamboo 3.75 mm dpns in town - haven't been anywhere else to look), so I don’t see T getting a full drawer of these anytime soon! I can’t get over how quickly these knit up … I can get from the cuff to the beginning of the heel done in an evening.

He tried them on and likes them, but thinks the leg is much tighter than the brown -- not sure why , they are knit the same other than the longer cuff (maybe that's it? it sits higher on his leg, so tighter?).

Anyhow - they are soaking in Eukalan now, and I am hoping the soak makes them "grow" ... hope is a good thing, eh?


lexa said...

We've got a bamboo needle order coming soon.

Heddy said...

Thank GOD!!!! I was into the shop today looking again -- the middle of my left palm aches - like stigma -- and I need bamboo if I am gonna finish the next pair of socks! Thank you - you rock!

Donna M said...

Hope the soak biggens T's socks! They look great!

Yvette said...

The length may contribute to the tightness. Also, your tension may be tighter. Often on the second go of a pattern, my gauge tightens up, probably because I'm more confident in the pattern?