Monday, 15 November 2010

Mad Hatter

Another pattern that I will knit the joy out of is the Ribbbed Beanie by Woolie Wormhead ... I like the quickness, simplicity and classic look of this beanie, and am thinking it will be knit a number more times before the charm wears off.

I started with a few skeins of Briggs & Little Atlantic, and the hope of finding something interesting to knit from it. A quick Ravelry search later, and I discovered this pattern ... lurv it!

The first hat I knit was this one ... Teal Blue trim with an Orange hat.

Then the following one was the reverse combo (and a smaller size, as the Orange hat was floating on my head!!! I am definately a medium headwise).

As soon as I cast off the Teal, I started a different pattern and knit that hat (details later), but wasn't as enamoured with it as I was the Ribbed Beanie ... so off I went and bought more yarn, and cast on for a size large with Red Heather for the trim, and a Light Grey for the main hat. (Atlantic has a lot of nice colour choices).

Sunday morning I cast on for my fourth hat in this same pattern, in size medium this time ... Red Heather with Light Grey trim.
(man- I hate being home alone, taking my own pictures, and having no one around to model for me ... excuse the wrinkley old puss, k?).

These knit up so fast, and are so nice and thick and comfy on the head. I've knit 4 so far (in 5 days), and so far, the charm has not worn off (although, I do wish I could figure out how to tighten my tension on the knit stitch leading into the pair of purls ... that looseness is bugging me a bit, but so far, that's the only issue I have with the hats ).

If you are on my Christmas list ... lemme know what your favorite colour combos are ...


Donna M said...

Great hats! You never do anything halfheartedly, do you?

Heddy said...

LOL! Yeah - I he the tendancy to tally suck the joy from a pattern - never just talke a bit of the joy from it ;) LOL! I like repetition when i have stress - I find it soothing (and I have more repetetive things in the works - details later this week ;)


Mylyne said...

I'm a hat lover myself and have a website full of them. They're an easy project to make for yourself and for others especially if you're in a rush.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

My favourite one on you is the last one, red with grey trim. It looks great on you!
BTW, what wrinkles?

I like the B&L Atlantic too. Never made hats from it though.