Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Warm Up

As much as it scares me to admit it, Christmas is just around the corner (today is the 24th of November, which is officially 1 month before Christmas Eve ... close enough that even if you aren't ready for it, you have to admit ... the big day is coming soon!!).

Christmas is a time for giving, sharing, and knitting (not everyone knits, but most everyone I know does, and I can't think of one person who'd dispute the holidays being a time to share and think of others). Warm Up America is a charity that distributes warm afghans, caps and other items to thousands of people worldwide. The charity has the idea of having volunteers each knit one or more small squares, and then joining them together to create the finished product. Pretty cool ... and heartwarming to think that something you create will be joined with other knitters or crocheters work to make someone you don't even know warm and happy for the holidays, eh?

Designer Nicky Epstein has a new book out called "Knitting Block by Block". and the publishers of the book, Potter Craft, is providing two fabulous, free block patterns from the book that could be made into squares for the Warm Up America Project.

The free PDFs are located here.

If you want to warm someones heart (and head and toes) by helping someone less fortunate, please knit a block by December 2nd and send it to ....

Potter Craft
Crown Publishing, 12-1
1745 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

It will do your heart good, and help put you in the Christmas spirit to help someone less fortunate than yourself. The first 25 blocks received will be sent a copy of Nicky Epstein's book, and the next 25 received will get another free pattern from the book :)

** Edited to Addd ... the new book by Nicky Epstein looks great ... here is another lovely project link to a free pattern -- it is beautiful
- the Snowflake Splendor Hat. Simply 2 blocks, and it is gorgeous!

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