Monday, 14 February 2011

Sock Catch up

Its been a while since I last posted ... we went on a holiday, so I am blaming that for my lack of blogging (you know - it takes time to pack, soaking up the sun isn't as easy as it sounds ;), and then the unpacking and recovery from being in vacation mode is stressful and a time suck as well! - that's my story, and I am sticking to it). I have been knitting though :)

These are my Girlie Girl Socks ...
I dug the half finished socks from my WIP basket, and decided they would be good socks to work on while flying to our vacation, and they were. I got most of them knit on the plane trips, and finished them off when i got back home. They are a mash up of a plain vanilla sock of the foot, and for the leg, the Spiral sock pattern by Patons was used. They are knit from Kroy (Mulberry Stripes colourway), on 2.75 mm needles, in tandem. That's all the detail you get - aside from -- I love them :) So pretty, and after I soaked them in an Avon bubble bath bath, they are so soft and squishy :)

I have mentioned before that my Hubby loved hand knit socks,and may have mentioned he has recently begun to appreciate the woollie goodness (aka hand killing pain in the @$$) that are B&L Tuffy socks. He wears the socks I knit him in the Fall every day to work (he has 3 pair, plus a pair I made him when I first started knitting, rounding the total up to 4 pairs) and likes the fact that "even when my (sic) feet are wet, they feel warm and dry". So, partly because he loves them, and I love him, and partly because I don't want to do a sock wash more than once a week, I cast on for a 5th pair of thick/hand maiming socks for my big man!

These took 5 evenings, and I must say, are really nice warm soft socks :) He loves them - and that makes me happy :) As soon as the numbness goes away, I will knit him 2 more pairs, and that should be enough thick wool socks to get him through his long work week (and keep me from doing a sock wash too often - I hate having socks strewn everywhere, air drying :( ).

These 2 pairs count toward my Self Imposed Sock Club for 2011 (both knit from stash and completed this year), and bring my annual sock count to 3 pairs.

I was on a finishing things off kick (for all of 2 hours - hey, I take it when I can get it ;) It doesn't happen often!), so went rummaging in the WIP and UFO basket on Saturday morning, and discovered a project I had started in January 2010 ... it didn't need much work, and less than two hours later, I had a FO (and had freed up yet another pair of sock needles! At this rate, I will have so many pairs of sock needles, I will need a new needle case!).

May I present Onion, my Minion. Details are on Ravelry.

His bio:
Name: Onion the Minion
Hobbies: tangling kitty’s fur, guardian of the car keys, keyboard tester
Likes: sunny days, working out the triceps, leftovers, long naps on rainy Saturdays
Dislikes: dust bunnies, celery, waiting

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