Saturday, 19 February 2011

A quick post on a Sunny Saturday

Found this picture, uncredited on the web, and thought it was very cute ... and descriptive of my normal Saturday morning routine of double fisting coffee!

This is just a flying post, as I head out the door (I found something online that is in a shop in a nearby town that I NEED, so am going shopping in a few minutes).

It has been a pretty busy knitting week ... 5 projects in a week :) makes me happy!(I am going for brief here - if you want details about patterns, yarns, needles and other things like that, check my Ravelry project page ... I list all the details there, along with long, drawn out stories about how my projects come to be ;)

Little Sweater for my Mum's dog ... I call it Ruff and Tuff (it is being modelled by my Kitty, Curly, who is about the same size as Simon, Mum's Lhasa Apso)

You've seen these, finished last weekend ... socks for my hubby. These are what I like to call a "Knitting Win" as he's worn them 3 of the past 7 days (as soon as they are clean and dry, they are on his feet - YAY!)

You also saw my minion, Onion, who was finished last Saturday ... but he's cute and past of the 5 FOs in a week, so gets shown yet again here (I like him so much, he will have a minion nation behind him soon!)
These are two cowls I knit on Thursday and Friday evenings for my niece and nephew ... their Mum requested I knit a cowl for her son, as she really likes the one I made him last Valentines Day . I don't think it is right to give to one sibling without giving to the other, so whipped up one for his sister too. I made the pattern up as I went along (it isn't much of a pattern, just some ribbing and stocking stitch, and a button placket, but it all came from my head ... and I am pleased they turned out cute, and that the two sizes I knit fit the two kids I was knitting for (It would have been an epic fail had they not been able to get the cowls over their heads, as I worried! But they fit, my SIL is pleased, the kids seem to like them, and I am happy that they are done, and took less than 4 hours each from cast on to sewing the buttons on :)

And that was my week ... from Saturday afternoon to Friday night :) I love quick knits, and projects that fly off the needles ... I feel so productive (this is why you don't see sweaters coming off my needles ... I need the instant gratification. I am easily bored!)

Have a fantastic day! I am off to shop!


Donna M said...

Very productive week for sure! Everything looks great.

My word verification is 10 letters long!

Yvette said...

Love the coffee pic!