Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunshine in February

February is a month that is usually filled with grey days, cold and often snow in my part of the world. This is why I usually plan our annual or bi-annual vacations to sunny warm spots to happen in February (that, and I am a Groundhog Day baby, so always feel compelled to give myself a terrific gift - and really, who should have to endure the cold on their birthday, right?)

I had my husband draw my monthly choice from my Self Imposed Sock Club box a bit late this month, as we were sunning ourselves early in the month, and I was working on other projects during the first two weeks of Feb., and the SISC 2011 slipped my mind! He drew the bag containing the Primavera pattern by Natalja, and two little yarn cakes of Fleece Artist mills ends I have had for years ... in a sunny yellow,orange,red colour combo (I asked t if he had 'cheated' to pick that bag, knowing I would need some sunshine in my days, but he said no - just a happy coincidence!).

I cast on Feb. 13, with 2.75 mm needles, and finished them this morning (Feb. 27) ... and am feeling pretty chuffed about it (1.5 days before the end of the month deadline!). It wasn't looking like I'd make it, but sock#2 flew off the needles while I had a pedi appointment yesterday, and we stayed in last night, so the sock had some attention then as well :)

Glad to be done with them ... pretty, but I am wanting to move on to the next pair ... Tom will draw on March 1st. I managed to get 3 pairs of socks done in February, and one pair in January, so I think the club is working for me (it was intended to spur on my sock knitting, to decrease my abundant stash - which it has done, as long as I can stick with it and get the pairs knit each month, and give me incentive to "finish" the socks I start - as well as some of the UFO socks in my WIP basket). It is doing those things, so I am happy.

Well, I have a day and a half left in February, with no deadline pressure ... I am off to knit a bit on a vanilla sock and maybe start a new hat. Have a nice sun-less Sunday ;)


Donna M said...

Your socks certainly do brighten up a cold winter day!!

lexa said...

They sure are bright! Love them!

Yvette said...

Your self imposed club is such a great idea. Massive accomplishments are happening.