Sunday, 22 May 2011

I have a Theory

Last Saturday, I thought we were going to see a movie (either Fast Five or Bridesmaids) so at suppertime cast on a pair of plain vanilla in colour that I figured would be good to knit in the dark (ie; something that is too ugly or boring to want to knit in the light of day). We ended up not going ... so I knit a little on them at home, and over the rest of the weekend, while waiting to go and lock up a space we were using for a fitness theory course taking place in our community. I knit a bit on them most evenings this week, and last night , almost 1 week exactly to the minute ... I cast off my vanilla "Theory" socks (named for the course).
The colourway isn't for all people's tastes, but isn't nearly as ugly as I originally thought it would be. I think the chunky stripes add a lot to their appeal :)

Pattern: my traditional vanilla sock recipe (based loosely on the Yarn Harlot's basic sock pattern)
Yarn: Austerman Step, colour 027
Needles: Bryspun dpns, 2.75 mm
Size: ladies size 8 or 9
Time in: May 14 - May 21 - creation is good ;)
Again?: the vanilla sock for a loud self striping is great ... not sure if I'd knit this colourway again - I like it, but not sure if it will be something that friends and family will fight over at Christmas! LOL! (I am debating keeping them for myself - even though they are PERFECTLY matched. I usually keep the socks with mistakes for me, I don't often get a error free sock).

They are soaking now - lots of time to decide who gets them.
I was amazed at how quickly these socks knit up ... maybe the wide chunky stripes had something to do with it? Or the fact that I wasn't sure about the colour? I dunno but they practically flew off the needles!

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Donna M said...

Identical twins to match Sheri's!