Sunday, 26 June 2011

{tap, tap} Is this thing on?

Sorry for the recent blog silence - it is my very busy time of year at work, so little has been getting accomplished on the knitting front, ergo not much to blog about on my knitting blog ;)

{can you hear the crickets chirping? LOL!}

Summer is always flat-out-one-thing-after-another-go-go-go-until-September at work, as I do recreational programming in my community, and summer is when people want to go out and be having a fun time with their families, and that's where I come into the picture. And we have summer staff for three separate locations for swimming lessons, and a summer person who helps me as well - so training is also squeezed in there around the programming. This weekend is my first weekend off since May, and I work again the next three weekends -- very busy time of year!

I decided today, I need to update the blog - it's been nearly a month since I last was on here, and just because I am busy, doesn't mean I should neglect something I enjoy. So a quick check in and not much to show for it.

I have a sock and almost half it's mate (started back at the Maritime Fibre Arts Retreat on April 1,2 & 3) - it is knit from Socks That Rock fingering weight, in a Rare Gems Colourway (made even more mysterious and rare, as I have lost the ball band and therefore can't even give it a colour name! ahh - the joys of being organized!). It is a plain old vanilla sock with a 1x1 twisted rib cuff and Eye of Partridge heel - turning out pretty (and possibly for me ... this is my first time knitting with STR, and I like the feeling of the yarn, and am anxious to see how it wears). The socks will be done by the end of the month, so I can live up to my goal/mental obligation of the Self Imposed Sock a Month Club.

Speaking of which ... the June selection (pulled from the "box of mystery" by my hubby T on June 1st) ground to a stop after a really impressive start on the first day of knitting - I was making great progress on the *** pattern, in a pretty green yarn from Knitpicks, given to me ages ago by Nova Knitter - it is the "Frog Prince" colourway, and is beautifully soft and fuzzy, as well as being delicious. I put the sock-in-progress down and came back a few minutes later with a fresh cup of coffee to find that the kitty had chewed his way through the yarn connecting the sock to the rest of the ball - that's right, Curly ate my working yarn! Grrrr! I was cranky, put it away to work on later.... and it is now the end of the month - no knitting has transpired. Shoot! (and I guess I must have been really frustrated, because I can't find the sock or the name of the pattern - it is now buried deep in the stash, possibly never to be seen again! I tidied my "knitting nest" last week, and don't have a clue where I tucked the sock - oh well :(

In other knitting news, a friend of mine is working on a side career as a portrait photographer (and has become very sought after locally), and wrote me the other day to advise that there is a mini baby boom coming up - a whole bunch of her friends and clients are due very soon (10 babies in the next month or so), and she wants baby hats to take the babies newborn pictures in. She is fairly specific about what she wants, and sent me pictures of a crocheted stocking hat that she likes/wants duplicated in a few colour schemes. The problem is I don't/can't crochet. I've failed miserably whenever I have tried. I am hoping this is a good replica for what she is looking for, but have a feeling it is too big for a brand new baby.
In the past, when I have made her infant hats, they have been too small for the babies she's had as clients, so we decided to make this hat a bit bigger, but it may be too big! Knitting fail!

No progress on my shawl ... I wanna pick it up, but with the other projects I have on the go, I can't remember where I am in the pattern, and feel like it is a waste of time to sit and figure out where I am with so much other knitting to do. I love it so far ... even though it is just a long skinny strip.
The SWS is a nice yarn to work with, and this colourway is so pretty. I'd like to have it done for the summer, to wear to my air conditioned workplace this summer.

I've been sewing too; working on a quilt (which I HAVE to get done soon). It is going to be a faux chenille quilt (you layer flannel, sew it together on the diagonal, then cut through all the layers but one, wash it and ... poof! It changes from a chopped up mess to a lovely plush, soft cool looking quilt. I am half done the sewing part, then to cut it, bind it, wash it and the Poof! part :)

And my multiple project personality extends from my knitting world to my sewing one, as there has been a UFO of a quilting nature sitting beside my sewing machine now for nearly a year ...
a rag quilt that was intended to be my sister's Christmas gift last year. All cut out and pinned, just waiting to have the other half of the blocks sewn (half are done!).

I have to go now ... writing about it all has given me a case of finishitupitis which I should take advantage of! Later gang!


lexa said...

I've got three skeins of STR in the stash, but I do have one pair that I knit years ago with it. It has faded since its hey day, but there is no signs of wear. I wear them a lot in the winter (it was the heavy weight stuff). I've warned many people about the washing -- mine was a darker colorway like yours, and it ran like crazy! I washed them the first time in the kitchen sink and was totally amazed at how much dye came out. The water turned dark, dark purpley blue, it was crazy. I've never had any other sock yarn do that (so far!). But I do like their yarn. (And the yarn didn't turn my hands, either, it was just when the lukewarm water hit them.)

Marti said...

I could try my hand at helping you out with the little baby hats if you like. Crochet goes rather quickly, and I can't imagine they're too complicated (since my crochet expertise is limited).
Just an FYI, I'm reading your blog on my deck and man it's hard to see in the glare of the sun ;)
Nice getting caught you with you.

Donna M said...

You are a busy lady! Sorry I can't help with the crocheted hats. I am just like you with that craft!
Happy weekend!

Yvette said...

It's remarkable that you find time for it all!