Saturday, 8 October 2011

Done, and forgotten!

Hey ... I was going through some projects on Ravelry, and realized I had not posted a few things that I'd finished a while ago ... so I am ready to remedy that. Sometimes it is hard to come up with interesting tidbits and stories for the blog ... but actual knitting content, that's solid gold baby! ;)

At the end of JULY (!!) I finished these socks for my hubby T
(don't they look enormous? I think it is an optical illusion - they fit his size 11 feet perfectly, and he says they are his favorite pair yet). A bit loud in colour, but if you know me, you know that loud is my signature thang. If I had them to do over again, I probably would have cut out the yellow,as I am not struck on that part of the patterning yarn ... the other colours are lovely!
But, colour doesn't impact warm toes, so s'all good.

You know that Shrek hats that I so enjoy knitting? (I must be pretty close to 50 knit by now -- favorite pattern EVER!)
... well, I knit 4 more -- two different very Shrek-y greens, red and purple (which will not photograph well, no matter what I tried -- trust me, it is a lovely grape purple), as I have had requests for purple and other bright coloured Shrek hats.

For the craft sale last month, I knit two stocking hats with Bernat Felting yarn (it is a wool acrylic blend - sort of a weird name for a yarn that won't felt, but whateva!).
They were made up as I went along, probably inspired by a hat I saw somewhere on the Internet or in a magazine. Cute and fun.

And of course, you saw my pictures in the previous post of Raul the Owl.
(gratuitous cute owl picture)
Also inspired by a few patterns but made up (which means that as cute as he is, I will likely Never be able to make another one like him, no matter how hard I try :( I really should take/make better notes).

There are probably a few other things that I have knit and forgotten to record for posterity . .. but in the words of the very wise Ferris Bueller "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."


Marti said...

Ferris was a wise man.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

My guy has size 11 feet and every time I make him socks I always think they look way too big - but they always fit!