Saturday, 8 October 2011

This weekend is the Thanksgiving weekend in Canada ... Monday is a holiday! Holiday weekends are traditionally busy for me -- we tend to be invited out to family dinners (this year, there are three of them! My mom's is tonight, T's parents is lunchtime tomorrow and my dad's is tomorrow suppertime) ... it keeps us hopping! We don't have to do anything other than show up ... which is fun, but I get the guilts (I am 40-something and have yet to cook a turkey bird! I plan to go to my grave having nevercooked on! Mydying word will be "I lived to be 102 and I never once had to make a damned turkey! {death gurgle, fade to black}". For lunch tomorrow, T is responsible for cooking the turkey, as his mom has a bad back and we don't want her fussing in the kitchen. His brother is also making a bunch opf stuff. I am making dessert ... pumpkin swirl cheesecake! It has been about a year since I baked anything, and I forgot how much I enjoy it. The cheescake went in the oven looking quite good, and smells delicious!

Earlier today, I went to a yard sale in a community nearby (they had over 50 people set up booths, and sell -- quite a big event. I set up in a yard with 5 other women, and I had my crafts for sale ... knitware, sewing and jams = over $200 in my pocket! Not a bad way to spend my morning ;) I also got a few great deals ... a brand new cedar dogbed (the large kind, like we buy at Price Club every few months for $30 ... the one I got today has never been used, smells like cedar, and was $10!!). I got a large frame that will hold a poster ... this morning, the price was $10, but I waited it out, and when I left at lunch, the lady had it marked down to $2 ... so I snatched it up!

I'm working on a sister for Raul ... so gotta go knit a bit!

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lexa said...

That's a lot of turkey dinners to eat!