Sunday, 9 October 2011

I think I am back in the groove re: blogging :)

After being a "post a monther" all summer long, I think I am finally back into the groove of blogging. This is my 4th post since Thursday ... and I still have a lot to say, so I guess that's a good thing ;)

The cheesecake turned out pretty ... although it has a very large Y shaped crack in the middle
(perhaps my oven was responsible -- "Y are u baking again? I thought u and I broke up?" LOL! It had been a long time since I baked, but I do love it and may make another something-something this afternoon (I have half a can of pumpkin left, and there are a lot of yummy looking pumpkin recipes on the 'net that would use that up!). I figure that the Y in the cheescake won't matter, once it is cut and topped with sweet whipped cream ... ahhhh!

I am working on another owl ... this time with the wings being created from stitches I pick up on the body (for Raul, I knit the wings separately, seamed them and them sewed them to the body ... fiddly! I'm not sure if I like the way I did the pick up and knits for this owl's wings
- I may have to make another one and fiddle a bit more to see if I can get it more like what I want (or maybe the fiddly way is the best way to get the results I want ... because Raul's wings are exactly what I wanted the wings to look like).

It's a beautiful weekend for Thanksgiving ... T's been enjoying the sunshine (and taking advantage of the nice weather to help his dad re-roof the camp we have on coffin Island). The camp is getting tin roofing put on it - it should be much more resistant to the elements than the asphalt shingles. I can't wait to go over and see it.

I think that's about it for now ...

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