Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Knits of the New Year

There is nothing like bringing the New Year in with a BANG ... and this year was, well, interesting to say the least! Tom and I spent our New Year's eve as we did last year, snuggled up at home with our wee fellow. The main difference was this year, we were experienced parents! Last New Year's eve was our first overnighter with Mr. Monkeypants ... so exciting (yet a bit sleepless for all of us!). This year, we were all much more used to our rituals, to each other, and we were much more rested to greet the New Year! Mind you ... both years, we did not make it to midnight to ring it in! Ah well, traditions can change! My in-laws came to supper, and brought lobsters! Also, as we've learned with being parents, most exciting times are usually marked by upset or illness - Monkey (since we are all friends here, I will drop the formality), developed a terrible rash on his face and nether regions - almost like a scald, on Jan. 30, so we were trying to get that under control, and he was a bit under the weather for the meal. He has since bounced back, and is fine as kind :) On the knitting front, this was the BANG that greeted 2013 ...
I finished this pair on January 1, 2013 - they are plain old vanilla's with an EOP heel. Yarn is Ketzer On Your Toes (Sunrise colourway) that I got for a steal at Little Knits (10 balls in assorted colourways for $36.00 -- Start the car! Start the car!). They are a ladies size 7-ish, and will go in the bag for birthdays, Christmas, etc. - lucky for me, my MIL, my step mom and my mom all wear the same size, so I can make decisions as to who gets what once I have a number of pairs knit :) I will have more knitting news later!

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