Monday, 4 February 2013

Snuggly and warm

I really thought I'd knit more for him than I do ... but really, I haven't had much inclination to knit for Mr. Monkeypants. I was busy with Christmas knitting, and trying to be sure that people who usually receive socks had socks under the tree, so this past year, knit next to nothing for my boy. Then it got cold ... and I got some momma guilt when I realized my little man did not have a scarf or cowl to keep the winter winds from blowing down the back of his neck ... and I went stash diving, then hit Ravellry looking for a suitable pattern for a scarf or cowl for a 2 year old boy. Wee Sophisticate by Molly Bell fit the bill to a T - with a minor modification. I added some ribbing on either end of the cables, just to keep them from twisitng and looking like ruffles at the end of the scarf.
He loves it, and grabs it every time he leaves the house. Really warms the cockles of a knitting momma's heart! I have to knit for Mr. Monkeypants more often, he loves hats, scarves, and mimi's (aka mittens) ... once I get some socks finished!

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