Saturday, 9 February 2013

Sock it to me!

I am calling these Turning Over a New Leaf - they represnt a new way of thinking for me. They are a colourway I would not pick for myself, they have the garter stitch short row technique, which I rarely ever use, and garter stitch toes, which is also a really uncommon thing for me … so I am exploring lots of new areas with these socks :) The yarns was a Christmas gift from my husband, with a note written on the yarn label - "Socks for Heddy - some assembley required". I really like them a lot, although when iIunwrapped the yarn, I thought "What the heck is he thinking? Yuck!" LOL! Don't tell him I said that! It knit up into beautifulk socks, and they may well be my favorite socks ever! They are my first "started and finished in 2013" socks (and hopefully, soon, I will have the second pair of "some assembly required" socks finished from the other ball of sock yarn that Tom gave me for Christmas - I have had 2 or three pairs of my favorite socks wear out recently, and need to get several apirs knit for me, so I am back to my normal number of pairs). Details: 2 x 2 ribbed cuff, sock is 3 x 1 rib, with a garter stitch short row heel ( and a garterstitch toe). Very cheery colour way (Austermann Duet - Dahlia Fairisle) although it is not one I would have bought for myself - I tend to go for very bright, "obviously" loud colourways, and this one is far more subtle than I would choose for me. I am really liking it a lot though and am glad Tom is more broad thinking re: colours than I am. I have more to show, and will blog again in a day or two.

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lexa said...

He's got good taste, I think! :)