Sunday, 17 June 2007

I can't believe I've never knit one of these ...

I am probably the only knitter in the world who has never made a cotton dishcloth (this is something I have been embarrassed about for a long time!) My Mom can whip up one in an evening of watching tv or on a car trip to the city, and whenever I have tried, I get to row 4 or 5 and it looks wrong, so I tear it out and begin again, only to have the same problem again! For years, I have avoided knitting dishcloths, and have asked my mom to make them for me.

Today, I looked in my dishcloth drawer and realized they are all old, ratty and many have been cut and are unravelling (and Mom is busy with little Owen and big brother Jack, so I don't think she'll be up for dishclothing) ... I have bitten the bullet, and am trying again! Mary at the lys sold me cotton and gave me what she said was an easy pattern (I just can't get the basic pattern -- I dunno why! It is just YO and then decreases, but I must be doing something wrong) ... I digress ... back to the new pattern :

The pattern she gave me is Feather and Fan, and is 58 stitches on US 8s -- I am knitting on a US 9 (can't find an 8 anywhere today -- so much for tidying my knitting yesterday! Can't find all my needles!) Although it looks quite big (I think it is supposed to be big ... I read a few other patterns and some only cast on 39 stitches, so maybe I haven't messed it up too much!), it is looking "right" so far! Phew! I didn't want to go down in history as the only knitter to be unable to make a dishcloth! I already have plans for this dishcloth next ... in bright orange! They have one in a bright, sunny yellow at the store, and it is really cute!


lexa said...

I like that sun dishcloth that Mary knit, but she says it doesn't "pop" enough for her likings. I go in spurts with dishcloths. I knit a bunch of them, then I don't touch one again for ages. I need some new ones. Mine are all faded.

Not much knitting getting done by me today. I feel like crap and actually slept from probably 11-12 this morning. I never sleep during the day no matter how tired I am unless I'm sick. All I've done so far is pick up the gusset stitches on step-FIL's sock and knit the first row. I was hoping to finish his socks today so I can drop them off to her at work tomorrow. Then my dad will be home Wednesdayish, and I have to make him a pair! I can't wait to move on to my own "fancy" socks. These drab, grey ribbed are too boring.

We have Father's Day supper coming. Hubby loves A1 donairs, so there's a WOW one coming and a slice for the littlest one. I don't know how much I can eat. Won't be able to taste it anyways.

I am going to try to have a post later tonight, but it may have to wait til tomorrow if/when I finish that sock.

Dorothy said...

Being as I've knit over 30 dishcloths in the last little while I feel I should warn you - feather and fan is addictive!!

Turned the heel on my first broadripple last night :)

Now I'm off to BBQ supper for hubby - he'll know I worship him because I'll probably be serving burnt offerings :)

Donna said...

The dishcloth came out really well. I see you getting on a run of those now in all different colours! Great fun.