Saturday, 16 June 2007

Twice in one day

can you tell that I am home by myself? LOL! Generally that is when I do most of my posting, multi posting and long add-ons (when T is at work, I get bored and lonely!) -- He has been working a lot all week -- which is why there has been at least a blog a day since the 12th!

When organizing the stash earlier today, these were in a bag ... a few years back, I was very keen to make all my Christmas gifts and had envisioned matching slippers for my two nieces (matching cousins would be cute!). I got the pair for the younger niece done, but stalled on the one for the older one ... oops! Christmas came and went, and the slippers were forgotten. Until today ... Patons Classic Wool in Old Rose, Pattern: Fiber Trends Felted Ballerina Slipper Hopefully they will fit the littlest one (I haven't knit for her in a while! If not, I will try shrinking them some more -- it is easier to go smaller than it is to knit a whole new pair!!)
Now to go through the Button Jar to find an pair of appropriately "glam" buttons! We are going to Bridgewater tonight to see Oceans 13, so if I have nothing divaesque, Walmart will get a visit!


lexa said...

Those are really cute! I have that pattern but never tried it.

My old slippers are B&L. The new ones will be Classic Wool. I have some B&L I could have used, but it felts too hard. Plus it doesn't seem to wear very long. Yes, they are double-soled, and I wore both out in four months!

I think we're going to a friend's place tonight for a bit. I don't know how long I'll stay. I don't feel well at all. I am getting a cold, and my throat is really sore. This morning I could barely talk (most would say that's a good thing!). T got home today, so he has an 8-pack to drink. (Heaven forbid that stay in the fridge -- he'll go without me if I don't feel like it.) I only bought two Mudshakes, and I doubt I'll drink those. I'll probably end up driving so I can go through Tim's and get a tea.

Enjoy the movie! I lurv Brad Pitt. T doesn't like me watching his movies cuz there too much slathering and drooling. I never say Ocean's Twelve, but I did see the first one. I'd like to see Pirates 3.

Donna said...

Your pink shoes turned out really well. Very cute and girly. Your nieces will love them!

Another dreary day and I am trying to get John's books done for the accountant ( end of this month is year end). I hate doing this and yet I wait to the end every year!

I am doing the applied I cord on my vest and I do think it is going to come out ok!