Saturday, 16 June 2007

Starting something new

... is always fun! I think that is one of the reasons my stash is getting too big. I'm probably not alone in this, but I tend to buy materials for projects, filled with great expectations of what will come, only to put it aside "until I am done what I have on the needles" or some other such excuse, and it stays "away" for some time, often until I can't remember the original project it was bought for!

Today, I returned a leftover ball of Natural Geranium SWS to the lys (bought extra for the tea cozy) and wound up exchanging it for a ball of Natural Blue plus bought 2 extra balls so I would have enough for a Booga Bag! I don't need another Booga ... as a matter of fact, I don't need another bag of any sort! Even pressing my mind very hard, I am having trouble coming up with anyone who might need a gift of a Booga or any kind of felted bag (even though I love to make them), slippers, tea cozy or anything else of the sort! Nothing anytime soon. Ahh well ... the stash continues to grow!

Edit: Feeling guilty from writing about it, I just went through most of it and tried to get it somewhat organized -- NO MORE yarn will be purchased until I either knit some or give/sell some. I didn't realize I had that much yarn kicking around! Alot of it is bright coloured acrylics, bought soley to cheer me up on dull days . I should see if the ladies auxilliary at the hospital wants some of it. Perfect stuff for cheery hats for kids, or those little teddy bears they knit to give to sick kids.

Oh -- FO to show. These have been kicking around for a while, with just the foot of one left to do. Not sure of the yarn used for the main part of the socks, although the heel, toe and cuff are Kroy 4 ply. Pretty cheery for a vanilla sock ... they will go in the Christmas gift stash (and are #5 on the 52 Pair Plunge, and also count for my June sock for the Sock A Month KAL). It's nice to have them off the needles and in the gift drawer!


lexa said...

I popped in the store earlier, and Mary said you were in and exchanged the SWS. I came out with two skeins of blah Kroy in Glencheck for socks for Pa for Father's Day (he's away til Wed, so I have some extra time) and two Classic Wool for new slippers for me. I have totally worn through the inside sole now. They lasted four months. (Looked back and saw the other ones were posted on February 15.) They didn't last long. Of course, I wear them every day. I don't know if summer will ever hit here.

I don't need any more yarn, either. But when the government ever decides to release that HST money I'm sending in a Sweet Sheep order, and I'm watching some yarn on eBay that isn't on Pick Up Sticks, Sweet Sheep, or at Have a Yarn. (Blame the new Knitty!)

Heather said...

It's Plymouth Sockotta (wool, cotton and nylon blend). I know because I just finished a pair in that colorway. Great job!

lexa said...

My new slips are going to be dark green. I call it forest green, but the label says bottle green. I wear mine all the time. I did have a couple of people tell me that the Briggs & Little wears out a lot fast than the Classic Wool.