Thursday, 28 June 2007

The Long Weekend starts NOW!

Ok ... officially, it doesn't start until 4:30 p.m. on Friday, but I had today off and Friday will be a very busy day at work, so it will just be a blink of an eye and we'll actually be in the long weekend (and I don't want to miss a minute -- let the knitting begin!).

Our lys is closed on Sunday and Monday re: the holiday, so I went this afternoon to "stock up" in case I run out of yarn. I bought some dishcloth cotton (the one I knit was fun ... although odd shaped, and I would like to try again to see if I can get a nice square dishcloth shaped cloth) and a ball of "Too Teal" Classic Wool whined and cried so much at the store that I had to buy it to make into a Booga Bag ~ it insisted that was its destiny, so what could I do? But if anyone asks,

I found it in the garden.
The Nova Scotia climate is great for growing them -- sticky humidity, followed by intense clamminess, devastating heat preceeding bitter cold in one day is what makes large, full, brightly coloured skeins! I know it does wonders for the irises.

As a side note, look'it the difference in colour from picture to picture of the wool -- both taken in the same garden seconds apart and the yellowy barberry is only a foot from the Peony. The correct colour is the first picture. I am just casting on now ... will post pics when I have some progress to show.
If you get a chance, be sure to enter my contest and the other ones going on ... just found another one to add (deadline July 4th) You gotta go check it out!! the yarn prizes are awesome looking!.

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lexa said...

I've got two of those same Classic Wools. If anyone asks, they grew in my garden, too! Those are destined to be felted slippers, along with some dark green Classic Wool, too. (I still have my holey B&L slippers, but it's been way too hot to wear them.)

Just got back from the beach again. It was just as warm almost when we got there as it was in town, but by four it was mostly overcast, and the wind got chilly. Took the sock again and made it a few rows past the gusset decreases this time.