Monday, 2 July 2007

Long Weekend Accomplishments

It is mind blowing what you can get done on a long weekend!

I didn't even knit constantly -- I blogged, visited with family,had a normal life, AND managed to get some knitting done ... all in all, a great weekend!neither of these bags existed before Thursday! (and before bed tonight , I should have a 'Feather & Fan' dishcloth done in Bernat cotton. (if it is done, I will post a picture). I had plans to work on socks ... but it was more fun to make the blue Booga for my friend ... socks can be anytime!
So far, there are 11 entries in my contest ... so your odds are good to win! Scoll down the page a few days, and you'll see the contest rules -- tell me what you knit on the Canada Day weekend, and be entered to win!
Did I mention that I ran into the very patriotic Spiderman yesterday? He LOVES the Canadian flag, and was very obliging when asked to show off his tats!


Donna said...

Your bags look great! I love the way the "Arizona" one came out!
Cute little spiderman!

Steph said...

Hi Heddy - I just saw your comment on the KOL blog - Terra and I started KOL after "cyber stalking" each other's weblogs. We're both innately shy, so it was a big step for both of us.

I bet that there are lots of other "closeted" Liverpudlian knitters who would be interested in knitting with you!

Here's my advice:

1. Check the official "Stitch and Bitch" website forums - people usually inquire there about groups in their neighbourhoods.

2. Write a blog entry about a Liverpool, NS stitch and bitch. I bet the Google hits would lead someone to you.

3. Don't be afraid to find a fellow knitter to drag along with you to the local Timmies. Knitters will always seek out other knitters. If there are two of you there, someone inevitably comes up and asks you what you're working on.

Bonne Chance!

(aside: you're doing the 52 pair plunge? Knitting Pharm is doing it too. She comes to KOL sometimes and she's making us all dizzy with her mad knitting skills)

lexa said...

The bags turned out great!

We used our tattoos, and are they ever hard to get off!

I'll have pictures posted after my camera batteries recharge, but I did manage to finish one of Dad's socks this weekend. On Canada Day when I was alone at the camper I started my Sockapalooza Pal's socks while watching the concert that Prince Harry and William did in their mother's memory (she would have been 46 on Sunday). I got quite a bit done. Once all the cavemen returned I set it aside for mindless ribbing.

Dorothy said...

Yup, I did do a font color change... couldn't have orange :)

Love the picture of the little spiderman; he looks cools with those shades on.

I'm thinking of organizing a KIP event for 2008, on the waterfront here in town. Just need to find out who to contact about using the building that I want to use. Think you would come? I'd like to have a knit on the waterfront day before that (like some day this summer), but I don't know anyone else here that knits and would be crazy enough to do it with me :)

Craftybernie said...

I love your booga bags.

It's amazing how solid colours change the whole look of the bag - I saw yours and didn't even realise it was the booga bag!

Yours have to be the best interpretation of the pattern that I've seen for a long time - I think people get in the habit of following the original pattern and yarn/colours rather than try something different. These are simply stunning!!!

I saw you over on ISE4 and had to drop on by! Toodles..craftybernie