Thursday, 27 October 2011

Because it is nice to have a buddy

(sorry re; the blurry pictures ... the brown one - aka Sisiboo Hibou - was being given to my MIL's friend who is visiting from Weymouth, and I had to get him to my MIL last night, and needed a quick few pictures to capture him forever ... he is #5 in the parliament so far, for those keeping track ;)

This is just a quick post, a run by posting, on my way back to work for the afternoon ... I hate to not have a record of what I have made! He is made of Bernat Jacquards, in Jasper colourway (same as the first one I made!) and has Knitpicks Swish feet, and Kertzer Accent in assorted colours for legs, beak, and wings. I like his pretty teal eyes :)


lexa said...

You're addicted! lol

Donna M said...

You may have to start selling those!! They are soooooo cute!!