Sunday, 30 October 2011

Nearing the end

Another owl finished ...
this little guy is one of three I have been asked to knit for a work friend (she has three kids on her Christmas list who she thinks would enjoy an owl, so she asked if I would knit her some). Hootie is the sixth owl I have knit overall, and the second I have knit for her order. I have the third one cast on, and she's about 25% done.

Hootie is knit as most of my other owls have been ... from Bernat Jacquards, with other random scraps from the stash for his wings, legs, feet and beak. He was knit on 3.75 mm dpns, and was inspired by this pattern .

The other owl in this picture is Whoo-ver. He was the first owl I knit for my friend who wants 3 of them ... I think these two are going to cousins or brothers, so I wanted them to be similar, but different. She didn't specify colours, and said I could use my imagination ... I am thinking that I may knit a 4th one so she can choose 3 from a selection of 4 (that way, if she isn't struck on one, she isn't 'stuck' with an "ugly" one -- in my eyes they are all cute, but I made them so am biased).

I'm really far behind on my commissioned knitting ... I finally finished a green shrek hat the other day for a friend's grandson (delivered to her on Tuesday), but still have a lot to go! I have a fish hat for a child, an ear flap slouchie beanie for a child, a seed stitch stocking hat for a teenager, a man's ribbed toque, two pairs of slippers for toddlers, and I THINK that's it. Then I have to start knitting for the craft sales, as the last sale I went to , I sold out of almost every hat I had taken with me. All I have for the next sale are a few purses, and some old stock baby hats (which is a good thing, but also means I have to knit like mad to be ready for the next sale - I am not taking any more orders before Christmas).

What a blustery, miserable old day out there ... rain, nearly hurricane force winds and generally not nice at all! I guess I should be thankful - I had left the housework to do today, and now with the crappy weather, I have no excuses or desires to go outside, and should be able to get all the vacuuming, mopping, dusting and tidying done today. That is, if I don't get distracted by the computer or knitting (I didn't knit at all yesterday in the day - I got into rearranging/cleaning out the kitchen cupboards, and dunging out the fridge, and was distracted ... you know how you can never find what you are looking for in the fridge, so you open a new bottle and cram it in there? I had three part jars of salsa, 2 part jars of relish, and some condiments that expired in 2009 - I usually only do out the fridge one shelf at a time, because it takes so much time -- I guess the 2009s got missed in the other shelf clear outs! LOL! It it still crowded in the fridge ie; I have 4 quart jars of homemade beets unopened in there! plus heaven knows how many other sides and sauces, so I am not sharing a picture, but at least now, I can fit groceries again!). I'm off now to try to tame the other messes around the house!

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