Thursday, 12 April 2007

Pair 1 and 2 done for the 52 Pair Plunge

Its been more than a week since I posted ... not much going on her (I have had a bad cold and 2 really hectic weeks at work, so not much time/energy to knit). I did sign up for the 52 Pair Plunge, and had fallen behind (and I am only midway through week 2 -- not a really encouraging sign!), so I spent some time on the weekend knitting, and made a quick pair of toddler socks . The red socks are made of Tresco Garn, leftovers from the first pair of socks I ever knit (5 years ago!), and I am not sure who they'll be for. They are pretty scratchy and rough, hopefully they soften up a bit when I wash them (too scratchy for a child!) -- they may just be a decoration to hang on a shelf!
The other pair are my Austerman Step socks -- I am so happy to be done them (finally) ... I love the colours and am so happy they ended up being mine. I am calling them my "Whiskys" after the colour name. They are just a simple ribbed cuff, stocking stitch sock with a short row heel. I finished them on Sunday night, but didn't take a picture of them until just now ... lazy/busy!
I signed up for Sockapalooza ... glad to see I am not alone! LOL!~ over 700 so far! WOW! that is a lot of warm feet!


lexa said...

Wondered what happened to you! I almost called last night to see if you knew that Sockapalooza sign-ups were open. I figured if you didn't post or comment tonight then I'd have to call.

Sent my cheque today to Have a Yarn for our class. Now I have to dig out some stuff to do our homework! I know we still have a month, but things come up on me fast. First thing it will be time to go, and I won't be ready.

You're ahead of me in the 52PP! I only have one pair done. I do have half a pair done for my littlest one. He's asleep, so I just tried it on to see how it fits. It's alright. The toe is a little short, but what the hay.

Shelley said...

Great socks! I really love the colour of the second pair.

I signed up for Sockapalooza as well! It's my first time in this (same as with Secret Pal and International Scarf Exchange).

christine (threedogknits) said...

I signed up for Sockapalooza, too! It will be my first sock swap. I have a skein of Austermann's Step. I'm going to use it soon. Your's are great!

lexa said...

I tried to order those needles today, but they were out of stock. Since most of what I wanted is out of stock I am going to wait a bit. I work on Wednesday, so I will check it again then.

Let me know how you make out with the Hederas now, and if you get stuck again let me know. Nova Knitter was in this afternoon and gave me a ball of yarn. Think I'll make a baby hat with it. Got a picture for my next post. It's kinda cute, but she couldn't stand it.