Saturday, 30 June 2007

Crazy from the heat

wow! It has really been hot here this week! Over 30 Celc. every day and really humid -- we don't usually get that sort of heat in Nova Scotia (on Wednesday night it was 84 Far. in our house at suppertime!). I guess Summer is FINALLY here! I will blame it on the heat (because to put the blame where it really lies is ... well ... not a good thing for me!) or perhaps an overindulgence in caffeine, but I was up last night knitting until 3 a.m.. Needless to say, I got a lot done on the Booga Bag (only the i-cord left to do when I went to bed). Around 2 a.m, Crazed Knitter decided that having a bag that was only Too Teal would be boring, so all of a sudden, it was topped with Paprika -- it has a real Arizona feel to it now (I am glad that Crazed Knitter doesn't like boring!)

I had been out for coffee with 2 friends who I don't get together with as often as I should (or as often as I'd like to!) for coffee until 9:30 p.m. It may have been the 2 XLarge Tim Horton's that took me over the edge of reasonable knitting and plunged me into the Crazed Knitter's time zone! Anyhow, the Booga is looking good, and decided that , straps or not, it wanted a garden tour before being felted ... you know, sort of a trip back to its homeland. So I indulged it.

While at coffee, one of my friends commented on my Booga bag. I told her I could teach her to make one, but she declined the offer. She remarked on it about 3 times after that ... finally, I clued in and asked if she would like me to make her one. She was quite happy about that ... and this morning, we went to the lys and selected some Patons SWS in Natural Blue. Once I get some housework done, I will cast on for her bag.

** Also, don't forget to enter my contest ... or some of the other ones going on at other blogs -- lots of cool prizes to be won!


lexa said...

I like the orange on the top! Can't wait to see the after pics.

I am going up to your neighbor's later on tonight. If I see a light on don't be surprised if you hear knocking! I don't know how many women will be there, and I may get bored. T won't be home for Privateer Days, so he wants to go out tonight.

Dorothy said...

2 XL Tim's??? No wonder you were up till 3am!!
I was up from 12 - 1:30, just woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. Tried to knit, but a book was calling to me instead.
Haven't knit at all today - shame on me!! I hope to be able to sit and relax tomorrow and knit.

Donna said...

Love what Crazed Knitter did with the bag. It will look great when it is felted!
Happy Canada Day!

Dorothy said...

Official Contest Entry

My knitting this afternoon was to work on my broadripple socks. You know, the socks that were the first ones I've knit that weren't plain .. that I was really excited about. The ones that I ripped out this afternoon because they were too small and I wasn't about to let my daughter have. :( So, no knitting to show.

Have friends coming up in a bit for smores, maybe I'll take my fun fur yarn and work on a simple scarf - surely I can get the size right on that!!

Hope you have had a Happy Canada Day!

Taking a friend to White Point tomorrow for lunch, looking forward to that.